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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Two more days....

I am stoked!

In two more days, I will be on my way to meet three of the greatest people I have ever had the opportunity to call friends. They are crazy. They are sympathetic. They make me laugh and I've even cried with them.

Nearly 3 years ago I met these three over on a Sherrilyn Kenyon RPG loop. Whodathunk reading Dark Hunters novels and writing my own over on that loop would be my ticket to free therapy and countless tales of the absurd and surreal. LOL

Jenn is the laugh when we need it - It all started with our unspoken ringleader ,Jenn aka Jennzilla aka The Laing Loonie. She'd been on this loop longer than we had and already established a memorable cast of characters that caught everyone's eye. Given that most of SK's books are set in NOLA and Jenn is from Louisana, she had the richest, most hilarious slant on the real people of the state. We got to learn the difference between rednecks and coonasses, how to pronounce pralines properly, and chuckle over the fact in her world on the loop, she had a gator for a security system, not a dog.

Meme is the heart of our group - It was Jenn's fault that we met. We were enthralled. At about the same time I finally got the nerve to say hello to this creative and off kilter writer, another of our group was saying hello too. Meme, aka Melandria is the most magical of all of us. Literally. She poured her real life spiritual journies into each of her Havenista characters and gave us a rich, luscious and sometimes long suffering take on life. Meme is the sweetest of the bunch but an angry Meme is never a good thing. When she "meme's" someone look out. She does it with such calm and grace, you never feel the pain when she slices and dices.

Karen is the life of our party - Later down the road, still thanks to the Loop, along came the Divine Miss Q. Karen, aka Kareine is the gloss and glam, our diva, and the sharpest bitch I've ever met in my life. I mean that in the best possible way too. She is the polish of the group, a couture clad walking, talking real life version of a the coolest Chick Lit novel around. But she's not just a pretty face in designer duds. She's witty and slick, the worldly side of us that has lived things we can only dream about. She's the vicarious we can live through and while she can afford to spend more, we're richer for knowing her.

There are two others in this wacky world that won't be there in person, but they'll be there in spirit. If we could have afforded to bring our Kiwi, Kitta over, we would have. With dead pan wit and a devious mind, she's the brains of this nutso outfit and we love her for it. Livvy is the last. Always the fire and passion, she's the other Lousiana girl with a wicked tongue, a gregarious laugh and our source for all things kinky and wild.

After nearly three years of talking on line and on the phone, we're all looking forward to meeting and sharing the hugs that have always been there in thought. As I said earlier, it's like we've been free therapy for each other. We've grown together not only as authors but friends as well. Through thick and thin, we've kept in touch and now, thanks once again to Sherrilyn Kenyon, we get to meet in person.

For the longest time, we've always joked that we can blame Jenn for anything. This time, I'm going to put the blame squarely on the incredibly talented author who's conference we're attending this weekend. Maybe we'll be able to thank her in person. If it wasn't for her merry cast of characters, our own would have never come together.

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