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Saturday, October 07, 2006 T-minus however long and counting....

Well, here it is. Here is the cover for my upcoming release. It's supposed to be out sometime in October, but at this point, have no idea what day. This means I am still not in a panic or happy tizzy over the fact my first full length novel is about to hit the e-book world.

I am both pleased and blase about it at the moment. I know I'm not alone when I say the editing process, all three rounds were mentally exhausting. Perhaps that's why the thrill hasn't hit yet. One day, I shall be anxiously waiting to hear someone actually bought my book, and I'm even looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about it.

I'm not too worried about the whole concept of validation. With this book I did what I set out to do and that has been the biggest boost to my heart. The rest, bad, good or indifferent will just be gravy.

With this book ready to go whenever the publisher releases it, I've finally settled into the notion that I can get back to writing on other WIPs. Yes, there is promotion to do for this one and it's in the works. I'm going to have the contests. On the 24th, I'm chatting at Coffee Time Romance with two others in my writers group. I'm being interviewed. The fun is only just about to begin.

Then, as the fervor slowly starts to wane, I plan to get back to work on projects I hope one day will send me back on this wild roller coaster ride of being published again. I love to write. That is the biggest reason I will go through all of this again...and hopefully again....

Until then, I am still brewing the coffee and I am still pulling late nights and early mornings to get more of the chaos out of my head and onto my wpd doc. I will crank the grunge rock and I will let Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder continue to inspire. I will gaze upon pics I have for the characters running amok in my head and be compelled to tap away on the keyboard. It's a never ending process filled with welcome pauses now and again, but it's a process I won't give up for anything. Love and hate collide frequently, but that's life and man, does it make for fodder to use in a plot. lol

As an aside, today, not only did the Detroit Tigers make it to the ALCS in baseball by kicking the Yankees ass all over the place, but my Michigan Wolverines won. Party time in Detroit! Go TIGERS! May your muses pick the winning team and their cheerleading spur you on to victory!

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