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Thursday, October 05, 2006 Relapses and reporting in

Yes, I went and did it. I relapsed with my blog. I could tattoo 'blog today' to my hand and still put the endeavor aside. Perhaps there is some sort of psychological aversion I have to blogging? I don't know. I have phobias as it is. Is there one for blogs? I hope not...spiders, frogs and bridges are bad enough lol

Acutally, I can pawn some of my time off on work. I've gotten back to writing, I've been doing some promo stuff and with a new book about to be released here in a few weeks (I hope), panic and excitement has sucked up a few minutes here and there as well.

Then, there is eBay. I have spent a few hours scouring the (in)famous site to try and find a pair of summer sandals to wear when I head south from Wisconsin to New Orleans later this month. All the good clearance sales have come and gone in the stores around me, so all that's left are winter shoes and boots. In temperate climates like the deep south, snow boots might be fashionable somewhere, but I will sweat for no one while there.

So back to eBay. No, I can't afford the Blahniks, Pradas, Choos or Louboutins there, so that narrows my choices down to either too expensive or butt ugly. I keep looking though. The pair I wanted quite badly someone had the audacity to out bid me on by $.12. I was not a happy camper. So it's back to bidding, back to hoping someone loses their pocket change so I win my auctions.

This is it for now. We have X-3 in our house now and there is just something infinitely more compelling about a half nekkid Hugh Jackman on the tv than trying to come up with something wise or witty to continue on about here. On that note, I hope your muses find shoes that don't pinch their toes for a cranky muse is an unproductive one.

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