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Monday, October 16, 2006 Lists

Saturday and Sunday were meant to be easy, breezy. I had my To Do list: A little clothes shopping, getting groceries for the next two weeks, write a bit, catch up on business for the review site I belong to. I wanted to find that damn jacket (which I still don't have) and just have a nice, quiet weekend.

Yes, the list got completed, but only after I dealt with a few left field problems that came my way. First there is my husband. Back in August, he suffered a mild heart attack and had to have angioplasty done. It shook up all our lives as he is only 43 and for the most part, still in great shape. The problem? He has been forgetting to take his medications and it's setting my daughter into a panic. In the middle of the dairy section of the grocery store, I had to calmly assure her that he is not going to die, and that she has my permission to become the nag in his life to make sure he takes his heart meds. For a 12 year old with a wild imagination, I have no idea if this helped or hurt. Time will tell on that one.

Then came another zinger from my daughter. While shopping for that cursed jacket, we had the 'birds and the bees' talk. She is about to take Health class in school and of course, they deal with reproduction and all that good stuff. By the time we got home, we'd gone through the whole she-bang from body parts to birth control. Surprisingly, I kept it casual and had her laughing at times and she didn't freak out about a single bit of it. One thing she pointed out that is all too true is the fact she and her friends learned a lot more from TV and movies than their health teachers will ever be able to share in the confines of a school curriculum. Society today....I won't even tell you what age I was when I learned all this stuff on my own. Let's just say TV didn't teach me and I was just a few years past 12 when it happened.

Dinner time in our house is the one time where everything stops, we set the table and we gather round to eat. We talk too. It's a rare day when there is total silence save the sound of food being chewed. Always a good thing because sometimes, it's the only time my husband and I ever really get to find out what's going on in our kids lives. So, back to my daughter. Again. Her best friend doesn't have the best home life and my daughter has taken it upon herself to be this friend's crusading champion. She cornered us at the dinner table asking us if we'd take her friend in if ever there was trouble enough at home for her to be kicked out. I think we might have crushed my daughter's heart when we told her exactly what would happen if we did. We have no problem with the notion, but there are actions and ramifications that go with it all. That doesn't seem to fit very well in a 12 year old's view of a black and white world.

So much for the easy, breezy. I'm not complaining, don't think that. My kids still communicate with me and given their age, it's a good thing. Maybe if I could find a way to have a warning light trip when one of these curve balls is sent my way, I'd be happy. I think from now on, any To Do list will have blank spaces between each item because after this weekend, it's best to be prepared. Now, all I have to do is try and guess what's coming next.....Scary, scary thought lol

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