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Monday, September 11, 2006 What's a girl to do?

Yesterday, I spent a good portion of 3 hours driving a friend of mine nuts trying to build up my new website. HTML codes, how do you put links in, attach them to banners, where did you get that?? - that sort of thing. God bless her, she has the patience of a redneck saint with me. That is, right up until the point where she cackles at my inadequacies and says "just lemme do it!"

I have been trying. A lot of this computer crap is stumble and bumble. I trip over solutions and pray I remember how the heck I did everything. I'm pushing 40 and I can understand why people older than me don't like changed. There are too many codes and downloads and questions galore. I'm not a fuddy duddy, I'm just frustrated. 12 year olds get this stuff better than me, but then again, when I learned how to do programming in the 7th grade, we had the monster sized desktops and those weird things called floppy disks which really were floppy.

One day, I shall stand up and break out in the old Virginia Slims advert slogan - "You've come a long way, baby!" I'll figure it out. Until then, I will go back and curse at my MS Word program that I keep trying to figure out how to format for manuscripts I plan on submitting one day.

And speaking of manuscripts. I finally got my latest one sent off to be edited. Just under the wire at 14K, this story took a bit of work to get my muse to cooperate with me. I personally think she likes Zeke too much and keeps him very distracted, but I got enough from him to make Tranice happy and me completely finished with his time in the spotlight. The story is called The Moses Man and will be out in November with Midnight Showcase's Spellfire Harvest of Heroes digest.

Writing for these digests has been a challenge. I tend to ramble when I write so keeping it to a minimum like I've had to has made me learn to use words more sparingly to capture the essence of each story. I have one more coming up in another digest for MS. This one will be gravy because I get to put myself in a romance plot. Football and and a fine looking cable guy.

Well, I am off to go back to working on the website. My muse hasn't a clue either, so we'll just drink our coffee, think happy thoughts and get through it together. Have a great Monday everyone!

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