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Saturday, September 16, 2006 This week

Because of a week long book bash going on over at the Triskelion Publishing loops, I have been a little distracted and I haven't been faithful to my blog. I know a few of my friends are rolling their eyes because I have a track record of being lousy with blogging, but I have made a promise to be better. Let's hope I can keep it.

All week this week I've been participating in a 'book bash' where there has been a lot of promotion by Triskelion authors. Excerpts, contests, hot pics, the works have hit the loops and all of it will be culminating in the grand prize drawing for an ebook reader. This week long event has given not only me the chance to discover new authors to read and glimpses into coming releases of authors I'm already hooked on. I have to say I feel truly honored to be a part of this publishing family and this week has just concreted that fact.

Now, because of the book bash, I have gotten absolutely no writing done, however, I have been inspired to start working on a short prequel to my upcoming release at Triskelion called The Viper Queen. I never planned to tell the story leading up to this one, but there are 4 men in this book and they seem to have a story they're insisting I tell. It is going to be pure hell on me. Much as I love research, much as I love the time period, this will be a historical that goes into more depth than The Viper Queen and will have 4 stories not just one to weave together. I will get it done...eventually. Simon will probably never let it go if I don't.

I have dug out my Templars series and will be getting back to the first one after I do some major overhauling to the plotline. Adrian is the darling of the group, 36 and still so innocent in so many ways despite being surviving the horrors of Acre. This trilogy I have planned, kicking off with Adrian's story is the one thing I want to complete more than anything I have going. These three stories are babies I want to watch grow up and turn loose on the world. These three stir up a passion that I can't deny and hopefully soon will let spill out in my word doc. Stay tuned for updates.

At the fore of my writing endeavors however is a short story I have to complete for Midnight Showcases. A football freak getting a lesson in obsessing and finding the man of her dreams in the process. As a football freak, this one will be a blast to write. Michigan is playing Notre Dame today in the top billed college game of the week and as a Michigan fan, I will be parked on the couch in a few hours, cheering them on and more than likely doing a little bit of armchair quarterbacking too. All of this just turns into fodder for this story and will make it probably the easiest one I'll ever have to write. They say write what you know.....I can't wait to.

Now, it is time for me to wrap things up. I still have a household to maintain before I go into my vegetative state in front of the television. May your muses cheer loudly and proudly and inspire you to win at whatever you endeavor to accomplish.

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