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Thursday, September 07, 2006 And so it begins

I have to admit that blogging for me is never an easy thing. I tend to forget that I actually have a blog and it gets neglected. I am turning over a new leaf thanks to the periodic nagging of my friends to update my blogs. So here begins a new day, a new blog and another chance to redeem myself.

I have to say, finding this template was incredibly inspirational. It fit what my blog is hoping to reflect. I write romance. I write darker, more angsty characters and in my first release, In The Hot Zone, there is a scene where the main characters get hot and heavy in an alleyway. This template is perfection! If you'd like to check out more by the creator, here is the link -

I ask all of you to bear with me as I build up my page. I am a bit tech illiterate and will have to rely on the merciful assistance of my bloganista friends to update everything and get it where I would like it to be. Until then, may your muses be a constant nagging presence in your life and inspire you to dream of many happy things....

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