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Sunday, October 29, 2006 Catching up.....

Yes, ignored the blogger again this week, but I had good reason. No, really! lol It's been a hectic week, starting with last weekend.

As I blogged earlier, I was heading to New Orleans for K-Con and to meet a few friends I have known for years online but finally had the chance to meet. I would have blogged like mad about that alone, but my friend Jenn was infinitely more humorous about it, so I left it up to her. Have a gander. While comedy has been liberally injected throughout, 99.8% of this is true.

Now the real reason I missed blogging this past week besides Monday was shot to bits after a drive from NOLA back to Wisconsin that didn't let me finally get to sleep until 6:30 in the morning.

While at the conference enjoying the friends and fun, a chance of a lifetime dropped into my lap. I won't go into too many details because I don't really know if I should, but suffice it to say, I have a chance to send my Templar series idea and the first novel to one of the NY publishing houses. I didn't go to NOLA to pitch any ideas. I went to socialize. But this happened and I snatched up the opportunity.

Sooooo, this past week, I have been slicing and dicing and editing and putting the beginnings together of a whole pitch package to send off. I have set a deadline of the second week in November to have it all on it's merry way to New York where I will wait patiently and write like the dickens on Adrian et al. Even if it's rejected, I am not going to mind. I never expected this opportunity, but it will be a lesson learned either way.

Right now, I'm nervous and scared as hell over this, but what doesn't kill you makes you more determined. lol I know eventually my Templars will see the light of day somewhere. This just makes me more motivated to sit down and truly get down to work. Heaven knows I've got about a dozen scenes already that need%

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006 Two more days....

I am stoked!

In two more days, I will be on my way to meet three of the greatest people I have ever had the opportunity to call friends. They are crazy. They are sympathetic. They make me laugh and I've even cried with them.

Nearly 3 years ago I met these three over on a Sherrilyn Kenyon RPG loop. Whodathunk reading Dark Hunters novels and writing my own over on that loop would be my ticket to free therapy and countless tales of the absurd and surreal. LOL

Jenn is the laugh when we need it - It all started with our unspoken ringleader ,Jenn aka Jennzilla aka The Laing Loonie. She'd been on this loop longer than we had and already established a memorable cast of characters that caught everyone's eye. Given that most of SK's books are set in NOLA and Jenn is from Louisana, she had the richest, most hilarious slant on the real people of the state. We got to learn the difference between rednecks and coonasses, how to pronounce pralines properly, and chuckle over the fact in her world on the loop, she had a gator for a security system, not a dog.

Meme is the heart of our group - It was Jenn's fault that we met. We were enthralled. At about the same time I finally got the nerve to say hello to this creative and off kilter writer, another of our group was saying hello too. Meme, aka Melandria is the most magical of all of us. Literally. She poured her real life spiritual journies into each of her Havenista characters and gave us a rich, luscious and sometimes long suffering take on life. Meme is the sweetest of the bunch but an angry Meme is never a good thing. When she "meme's" someone look out. She does it with such calm and grace, you never feel the pain when she slices and dices.

Karen is the life of our party - Later down the road, still thanks to the Loop, along came the Divine Miss Q. Karen, aka Kareine is the gloss and glam, our diva, and the sharpest bitch I've ever met in my life. I mean that in the best possible way too. She is the polish of the group, a couture clad walking, talking real life version of a the coolest Chick Lit novel around. But she's not just a pretty face in designer duds. She's witty and slick, the worldly side of us that has lived things we can only dream about. She's the vicarious we can live through and while she can afford to spend more, we're richer for knowing her.

There are two others in this wacky world that won't be there in person, but they'll be there in spirit. If we could have afforded to bring our Kiwi, Kitta over, we would have. With dead pan wit and a devious mind, she's the brains of this nutso outfit and we love her for it. Livvy is the last. Always the fire and passion, she's the other Lousiana girl with a wicked tongue, a gregarious laugh and our source for all things kinky and wild.

After nearly three years of talking on line and on the phone, we're all looking forward to meeting and sharing the hugs that have always been there in thought. As I said earlier, it's like we've been free therapy for each other. We've grown together not only as authors but friends as well. Through thick and thin, we've kept in touch and now, thanks once again to Sherrilyn Kenyon, we get to meet in person.

For the longest time, we've always joked that we can blame Jenn for anything. This time, I'm going to put the blame squarely on the incredibly talented author who's conference we're attending this weekend. Maybe we'll be able to thank her in person. If it wasn't for her merry cast of characters, our own would have never come together.

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Monday, October 16, 2006 Lists

Saturday and Sunday were meant to be easy, breezy. I had my To Do list: A little clothes shopping, getting groceries for the next two weeks, write a bit, catch up on business for the review site I belong to. I wanted to find that damn jacket (which I still don't have) and just have a nice, quiet weekend.

Yes, the list got completed, but only after I dealt with a few left field problems that came my way. First there is my husband. Back in August, he suffered a mild heart attack and had to have angioplasty done. It shook up all our lives as he is only 43 and for the most part, still in great shape. The problem? He has been forgetting to take his medications and it's setting my daughter into a panic. In the middle of the dairy section of the grocery store, I had to calmly assure her that he is not going to die, and that she has my permission to become the nag in his life to make sure he takes his heart meds. For a 12 year old with a wild imagination, I have no idea if this helped or hurt. Time will tell on that one.

Then came another zinger from my daughter. While shopping for that cursed jacket, we had the 'birds and the bees' talk. She is about to take Health class in school and of course, they deal with reproduction and all that good stuff. By the time we got home, we'd gone through the whole she-bang from body parts to birth control. Surprisingly, I kept it casual and had her laughing at times and she didn't freak out about a single bit of it. One thing she pointed out that is all too true is the fact she and her friends learned a lot more from TV and movies than their health teachers will ever be able to share in the confines of a school curriculum. Society today....I won't even tell you what age I was when I learned all this stuff on my own. Let's just say TV didn't teach me and I was just a few years past 12 when it happened.

Dinner time in our house is the one time where everything stops, we set the table and we gather round to eat. We talk too. It's a rare day when there is total silence save the sound of food being chewed. Always a good thing because sometimes, it's the only time my husband and I ever really get to find out what's going on in our kids lives. So, back to my daughter. Again. Her best friend doesn't have the best home life and my daughter has taken it upon herself to be this friend's crusading champion. She cornered us at the dinner table asking us if we'd take her friend in if ever there was trouble enough at home for her to be kicked out. I think we might have crushed my daughter's heart when we told her exactly what would happen if we did. We have no problem with the notion, but there are actions and ramifications that go with it all. That doesn't seem to fit very well in a 12 year old's view of a black and white world.

So much for the easy, breezy. I'm not complaining, don't think that. My kids still communicate with me and given their age, it's a good thing. Maybe if I could find a way to have a warning light trip when one of these curve balls is sent my way, I'd be happy. I think from now on, any To Do list will have blank spaces between each item because after this weekend, it's best to be prepared. Now, all I have to do is try and guess what's coming next.....Scary, scary thought lol

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Saturday, October 14, 2006 Greetings, Earthling

You Are From Neptune
You are dreamy and mystical, with a natural psychic ability.You love music, poetry, dance, and (most of all) the open sea.Your soul is filled with possibilities, and your heart overflows with compassion.You can be in a room full of friendly people and feel all alone.If you don't get carried away with one idea, your spiritual nature will see you through anything.
What Planet Are You From?

Thank you to Rose on MySpace again for another fun quiz! I love taking these things. Most of the time, they tell me I am neurotic and screwed up, but hey, I have always thought normalcy and sanity are highly over rated.

Take for instance, this afternoon, I spent 5 hours at the mall looking for one thing and one thing only. I want a cute, tailored looking jacket to wear over the tees and camis and such that seems to be the fun trend this year. I can wear this one. Most of the time, my figure does not permit me to indulge in such fancy, but this one is perfect.

5 hours. One jacket. No luck. I did score another pair of shoes, a white chocolate macchiato from Starbucks and some extra dark chocolate squares from Godiva. Not exactly what I meant to buy, I shall prevail.

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Friday, October 13, 2006 Friday the 13th part deux

Now, who says Friday the 13th is a bad thing. Late this afternoon, I found out my book is finally out. I was expecting it to be available some time next week. I nearly flipped out seeing the news in my email box today. So now, The Viper Queen is available at Triskelion Publishing. Go take a look if you'd like.

Also, my fellow writer over at Designing Writers Blues, our Yahell group has a book out. The Michaelangelo Blues by J. Morgan is available at the same publisher. It's a romantic suspense with a touch of sarcastic humor thrown in. Fantastic read and you won't be disappointed.

Last, but probably not least with the way this day has been going, another friend in my writing circle got the first book in her planned werewolf/paranormal series accepted at Samhein Publishing.

I have no idea if any more good news would come my way today. If so, I'll hoot and holler tomorrow. LOL Til then, everyone enjoy your weekend!

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This day in history....

Welcome to Friday, October 13th. On this day 699 years ago, King Phillip of France set about putting a page in history, that to this day, still seems to have a profound effect on the world, thanks to authors such as Dan Brown, Steve Berry and the writing team of Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln.

It was on 13 October 1307 that Phillip set about destroying the Order of the Knights Templar. At dawn, he issued charges of heresy among others and his actions ultimate led to the end of the Order as it was known back then. Much has been speculated upon concerning the continuation of the Order and no one will ever know the exact truth, but such ponderings have given us much to think on. Believer or not, conspiracy theorist or not, the history following the destruction of this fabled group of men does stir the imaginations quite well.

As an aside to the actions and reactions from this one day in history, it has also lent to the idea that Friday the 13th is a bad day. For the superstitious, this is just one more notion to add to the pile that 13 is a unlucky number and Friday the 13th is an unlucky day. For me, I can't really say it's had that profound a negative effect on me. I turned 13 on a Friday the 13th. I even got a black cat for that birthday.

Regardless, 699 years ago, Friday, October 13th shook France and the ripple effect can still be felt even to this day.

To read more on Templars and their storied history, check out this website as a good jumping off point.

For me, my muse and I are off to get reaquainted with one and continue to tell his story. Here is to hoping your Friday the 13th is a good one.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006 Black hole everything

That is what my brain feels like right now. Actually, I can't really say that, but I did listen to Black Hole Sun sung by this hottie above and it tripped what a friend of mine affectionately calls Writer's ADD.

I spent the good portion of a drive home from picking up my daughter after a volleyball game bouncing from character to character in WIPs I have going as well as starting plots for two more. This, in just 20 minutes.

The song inspired three posts for a RPG loop I belong to. Song lyrics are a great inspiration for me. Then, it was off to werewolf land where I swear this full moon fading has tripped them off in my brain. Two more outlines and four more characters. I never ever planned to write a werewolf, I am not really in much of a hurry to get back to the RPG loop. Yet, thanks to Chris Cornell and Soundgarden, guess what I'll be doing tonight.

Off to the Sci Fi Channel and Nathan from the show Eureka. I saw him in a rerun episode of Crossing Jordan a few weeks ago, then discovered him on Eureka. Guess who is the face of one of the were's I swear I would never write.

Back to my Templars. Rene, the hero of my second book played out an entire scene in my head, starting with meeting the future heroine and starting a bar brawl where he nearly sets a guy on fire. When Rene pipes up, Niall, the hero of the third usually offers me flashes of his future to boot. Thank goodness Adrian the first of my Templars is simmering nicely.

On to the cast of characters in a trilogy that I am working on called Catalyst. Natiel, my angel from book two offered me the scene where he meets Kiki the central character in this trilogy. I now know he's going to smell like black currant scones and fresh honey and his wings will be grey instead of pearly white. I even have the explanation plotted out.

Oh, I have to say my brain is reeling right now. I feel like I can't keep up and with a half dozen other things to do write now, having a full symphony of characters piping up and singing out their tunes isn't exactly helping matters. I dont need coffee tonight. I am buzzing on ideas and my hands are typing fast enough without caffeine adding to the mix.

AMEX's recent commercial with Andy Roddick vs PONG has nothing on what's bouncing back and forth in my brain. Now some would say this is a good thing, but it's driving me a bit batty. I like to focus on one thing, finish as much as I can and move on. I want to have something done here soon to submit. I haven't done that in months and I don't want to slow that down. I know I won't until I am more than sure I like what I've written (and that is another blog post in itself) but I can't get much done in that respect until one of my characters knocks the rest aside and tells me it's time to get back to work on his/her story.

I think my muse is throwing a Rave party in my head. Yeah, that's the ticket. Well at least she has come back from her secret rendezvous with a few of my guys. Anyhow, here is to hoping your muse prefers one on one time and it triggers inspiration for whatever you plan on doing in the near future.

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Saturday, October 07, 2006 T-minus however long and counting....

Well, here it is. Here is the cover for my upcoming release. It's supposed to be out sometime in October, but at this point, have no idea what day. This means I am still not in a panic or happy tizzy over the fact my first full length novel is about to hit the e-book world.

I am both pleased and blase about it at the moment. I know I'm not alone when I say the editing process, all three rounds were mentally exhausting. Perhaps that's why the thrill hasn't hit yet. One day, I shall be anxiously waiting to hear someone actually bought my book, and I'm even looking forward to seeing what everyone thinks about it.

I'm not too worried about the whole concept of validation. With this book I did what I set out to do and that has been the biggest boost to my heart. The rest, bad, good or indifferent will just be gravy.

With this book ready to go whenever the publisher releases it, I've finally settled into the notion that I can get back to writing on other WIPs. Yes, there is promotion to do for this one and it's in the works. I'm going to have the contests. On the 24th, I'm chatting at Coffee Time Romance with two others in my writers group. I'm being interviewed. The fun is only just about to begin.

Then, as the fervor slowly starts to wane, I plan to get back to work on projects I hope one day will send me back on this wild roller coaster ride of being published again. I love to write. That is the biggest reason I will go through all of this again...and hopefully again....

Until then, I am still brewing the coffee and I am still pulling late nights and early mornings to get more of the chaos out of my head and onto my wpd doc. I will crank the grunge rock and I will let Chris Cornell and Eddie Vedder continue to inspire. I will gaze upon pics I have for the characters running amok in my head and be compelled to tap away on the keyboard. It's a never ending process filled with welcome pauses now and again, but it's a process I won't give up for anything. Love and hate collide frequently, but that's life and man, does it make for fodder to use in a plot. lol

As an aside, today, not only did the Detroit Tigers make it to the ALCS in baseball by kicking the Yankees ass all over the place, but my Michigan Wolverines won. Party time in Detroit! Go TIGERS! May your muses pick the winning team and their cheerleading spur you on to victory!

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